Thanksgiving albums are rare to come by, especially in the midst of all of the Christmas releases. However, Nashville based singer-songwriter Rachel Baiman breaks the mould with her released her self-produced EP titled Thanksgiving via Free Dirt Records. While the Holiday inspired record has the classic themes of love and family, it also touches upon heavier subjects such as Indigenous rights and homelessness. Thanksgiving features artists such as Molly Tuttle, Josh Oliver, Shelby Means, Justin Hiltner, and Tristan Scroggins.

Baiman explained, “Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, But two years ago in November, the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline was in full swing, and it just got me thinking about how the relationship between indigenous and white people in this country has hardly changed at all over the years. The irony of Thanksgiving being celebrated right as people were being arrested and sprayed with water guns for protecting their right to clean water really hit me.”

You can stream Thanksgiving above on Soundcloud and learn more about Baiman on her website.