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Kudos to U.K.-based music industry trade publication M.I. Pro for shedding light on an issue prevalent in M.I.: it’s a boys-only club. But not for long!

Writer Daniel Gumble says our industry suffers from a “narrow-minded outlook,” and that musical instrument stores don’t feel welcoming to women.

“Decades ago, musical instrument stores were the domain of men, where women were eyed with an air of confusion and suspicion should they dare venture inside,” wrote Gumble. “Such narrow-minded outlooks were prevalent across the music industry in general at the time, and still are to an extent, with precious few bands breaking the mould of four hairy blokes with guitars, let alone going as far as to welcome a lady into the fold.”

He leaves readers with a poignant message.

“For the industry to advance, we must make strides forward collectively to shake off the stragglers if we want the retail sector to be anything other than a boys only club.”

What have you done lately to help change our industry?