Last Tuesday, July 27th, Petra Jarrar joined the Women’s International Music Network on Instagram live to talk about 2020 transformations, music journey and new releases! Jarrar is an upcoming Pop/Rock artist that has been making music since age 2! You read that right.

Petra and our host, Luciana Garcia, conversed about the impact lockdown had on musicians and the opportunity for self love and remembrance it presented. “Now I want to climb a rooftop and yell to the world this is me!” – Jarrar says.

Throughout the pandemic, she has released three singles. Rebel, Past Life and Love Again. She opened up about the her inner transformation and how it is reflected in her recent releases. Watch the live interview here!

Petra Jarrar has such a powerful yet innocent take on life. There is a certain light-heartedness that refreshes the listener of her songs. This is specially showcased in her latest single “Love Again”. This upcoming artist is a diamond in the rough. We are looking forward to Petra Jarrar’s contributions to music!

Watch the full Interview here.

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