Singer Joy Williams, formerly of The Civil Wars, dropped a new track titled “Woman (Oh Mama)” off her forthcoming record, Venus. This is the first single off the album, and the first album she’s releasing after The Civil Wars disbanded.

“Woman (Oh Mama)” is an invigorating power anthem celebrating the joys of being a woman. In Williams’ own words, “The entire song is what it’s like to experience the beauty, the spark and strength of what it is to be inside your skin. It’s a song with energy and fire. I wanted to own the complexity and the three dimensional aspect of what it is to be a woman. ‘I am a universe wrapped in skin’… That’s one of my favorite lines from the new album. I’m excited about being a woman. I’m excited to be where I am now, who I am now.”

Listen below and download it right here. Trust us; you’ll want to!