Jordan Armstrong’s blazy new single, “High Note”, is out today via Zodhiac Records.

After a few years of heartbreak following her health struggles with epilepsy, Jordan has climbed her way out from under a heavy cloud and made it to higher ground. The musical tribute captures the essence of cherishing life’s simple joys without taking things too seriously. 

Listen to “High Note”

Without overthinking or looking back, “High Note” speaks to the conscious effort of choosing happiness and taking the high road despite what life has thrown at you. Every day might not be monumental, but “High Notes” can be identified by the little moments.

Whether it’s a relaxing day to recharge or finding beauty in the mundane, High Note reinforces the idea that life doesn’t have to be so heavy and serious, with the reminder to let light and joy in where you can.

“High Note” is out on all streaming platforms today.

Listen to “High Note”
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