By Myki Angeline

Pop artist Iris just released the perfect song for those of us who have ever been caught up in love with someone who dances around the decision to commit or move on. Her new single and video for “Wait” describes the frustration we feel in a relationship with a controlling partner. A beautiful track that feels like a country drive on a sunny, summer day, it is a song that inspires women to take back our independence and power from an unhealthy connection.

Listen to “Wait” on Spotify here.

Raised in New Jersey with an Icelandic heritage, the prolific singer and songwriter pens music that strikes listeners in the heart – specifically ones going through heartbreak, and ones going through the journey of finding happiness. Citing Parkinson’s Disease awareness, equality, and positivity as some of her most impassioned causes, Iris strives to enlighten and strengthen each and every listener through positive messages and heart-wrenching lyrics. Follow Iris on Twitter (@penny_lane915) and Instagram (@iris).

Photo Credit: Cameron Jordan