Yona Marie’s Latest Single ‘I’m Still Loyal’ is FIRE

A Blend of Soul and Hip Hop; an Anthem to Elevate Authentic Love

Im Still Loyal

Artist and music professional Yona Marie shares her latest single “I’m Still Loyal”, the follow up from her 2021 track “Take Me To The Moon”. 

Located in Washington D.C., Marie is an accomplished producer, writer, marketing professional and music blogger. Her company Yona Marie Music is a helpful resource for musicians, singers, rappers, and a variety of others in the music industry looking to learn more about their passion.

Yona Marie describes the song as, “a dedication to those who have provided their friends, family members, or romantic partners with unyielding love and loyalty over time. I’ve created an anthem that anyone that has given or received authentic love will be able to relate to and remind themselves of how much a blessing having a loyal person in your corner can be. The simplistic writing and production with early 2010 hip-hop vibes feed into the feeling of love and loyalty between souls that have been connected over the last several years.”

Yona Marie considers herself a soul singer whose vocals pair perfectly with a variety of music genres – from jazz to hip hop. With over 15 years of creative songwriting under her belt Marie also majored in Music Business, and offers her services to fellow artists in marketing, producing and more. For more information visit her website: Yona Marie Music.

Yona Marie