By Gabriella Steffenberg

Classically trained trio Harpeth Rising are back with their fifth studio album, Shifted. Blending folk, Americana, bluegrass and classical music genres into one heavenly medley
is no simple task, but the ladies of Harpeth Rising make it something both accessible and enthralling.harpeth risingJordana Greenberg (violin, vocals), Rebecca Reed-Lunn (banjo, vocals), and Maria DiMeglio (cello, vocals) met at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, with all three members earning performance degrees before beginning their journey that resulted in the formation of Harpeth Rising. From humble beginnings of packing up their Prius on their first tour, to playing sold out shows internationally, Harpeth Rising is continuing to grow and hone their craft as the years carry on.

Fans of Mumford & Sons will be brought back to Winter Winds through Shifted, with connections of the rolling banjo, beautiful harmonies, and powerful lyrics and vocals. Pair that with electrifying live performances and an ever-growing fan base, Shifted is poised to continue the impact that Harpeth Rising has had on their genre-bending musical styling.

Check out the opening track “I Am Eve (I Am The Reason)” and transport yourself to an English countryside, taking in the beauty and turmoil of the life surrounding you. With strong lyrical visuals and top-notch instrumentation, this song is just one example on an album jam packed with folk fantasy.

For more information on Harpeth Rising, head to and keep your eyes out for Shifted, which is out Aug. 15.