British singer and visual artist Hannah Diamond has released the self-made lyric video for her song, “True,” which will be on her upcoming album Reflections scheduled to be released next year on PC Music. The single was featured on the label’s Perfect Music Friday playlist, which features the 30 best tracks in pop every week.

Diamond explains, “‘True’ is like the ultimate emo HD power ballad…it’s really about the fantasy of my last single ‘Make Believe‘ crumbling before my eyes and the realization that this thing that I thought was true love really wasn’t what I was projecting it to be in my mind. It’s about being disappointed in someone else’s actions but also disappointed in yourself for not seeing things for what they truly were. It’s about being able to look at the ‘Make Believe’ era from a distance – I’m in a different place and I’m looking back at it like I’m a different person to who I was back then.”

She adds about her upcoming release Reflections, “I really wanted to put Reflections out this year, but for a bunch of reasons it wasn’t going to be possible…I’ve been working on music videos which I have directed and produced myself and have been designing and making my merch as well as all the visual accompaniments – which I feel is such an integral part of what I do. The only downside is it’s a bit like being a one-man band, everything takes just that little bit longer.”