Front and Center: Samantha Pink, Director Business Operations at JAM Industries

by Justine Souchack

Samantha Pink is the director of business operations at Jam Industries, a high volume distributor specializing in consumer electronics, musical instruments, and pro audio and lighting equipment.

Jam Industries was rewarded with Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2018, which recognizes Canadian-managed businesses with revenue surpassing 15 million dollars a year. With over a decade of retail and music experience, Pink talks about her role at JAM and gives some great advice about working in the industry.

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WiMN: What inspired you to work in music?

SP: My journey into the audio/music industry began 18 years ago at Full Compass Systems. I quickly learned what a fun, diverse and close-knit industry it is. Jonathan and Susan Lipp were significant influences in my career and still are. This industry is as much about relationships as it is about your talent and skills.

WiMN: Can you share a bit about your role in the company and how it fits your skills and personality?

SP: In December 2016 I started to work for JAM Industries USA as Director or Business Operations. My primary objectives focus on reviewing sales to plan, operational performance, inventory, and expenses. These involve working with the four JAM Industries USA business divisions; KMC Music, Marshall, Davitt & Hanser, and US Music Corp. I work closely with the Sales, Merchandising, Operations and Finance teams.

I’d say my strong organization, communication and follow through skills have really helped me in this role. Needing to collaborate with and engage others, focusing on the task/project at hand, and respecting your internal/external customers are also critical. With teams spread across North America, keeping communication channels open is vital. So, building relationships with people you may never meet, or only see a few times a year, is very important.

WiMN: What is a typical day like for you?

SP: Each day I am reviewing how we did the day before by looking at the sales numbers and operational performance. As well as staying in close communication with our sales teams and warehouse to see where we can drive more business.

WiMN: What is the biggest challenge in your role at JAM?

SP: I can honestly say nothing comes to mind as being significant. This is in part why JAM Industries was recently awarded the prestigious Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation for 2018! This is a recognition for innovation and world-class business practices.

WiMN: Do you have advice or thoughts for women who might be interested in finding a career in the music products industry?

SP: Have passion for what you do, and confidence in yourself! Take advantage of every opportunity you can that will add to your knowledge and experience. Look for the strong leaders in your organization and get to know them personally. Learn from them. Share what you know with others to be that guide or inspiration for them. I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing people and leaders who continue to help me grow professionally, even today.