From Vancouver, to Nashville, to Toronto, Ontario. The sky’s the limit when you are able to grow your contacts across the map! But how do you go about making this dream a reality? Country singer-songwriter Shylo Sharity shares her tips for hitting the road and how she literally follows her dreams!

The WiMN: First of all, care to introduce yourself to our network? 

Shylo Sharity: Hello world, how are ya! I was raised in Langley BC and now live in the heart of DT Vancouver. I actually found my love of music in the church. It was there that I sang in my first choir, learned to play guitar, led a worship team and wrote my own songs. Music has continued to be a part of my life, and always will be.

The WiMN: Describe your first experience in Nashville and how that changed your music career. 

Shylo Sharity: Wow! Nashville was epic. Think California, country style. There are so many amazingly talented musicians, the best fried chicken in the world and the best live music establishments ever. This place breathes music. Nashville opened my eyes to a higher standard. Everyone is committed to the process, pushing boundaries and following their passion relentlessly. If you have music written on your soul, like me, Nashville is the place to be.

The WiMN: Do you have any tips for musicians who are wanting to travel but are on a budget?  

Shylo Sharity: Focus on traveling to the areas you think may be most beneficial to your career right now. A tour across Canada may be a bit too much of an undertaking for right now, but perhaps focusing on your targets isn’t. Be sure to check your analytics on Facebook and Instagram. Both socials are great resources that allow you to see where you have a target audience as well as give you a breakdown of their ages, gender and sometimes their interest. Perhaps you should tour around those markets first.   

The WiMN: How do you go about touring and working? 

Shylo Sharity: Yes! There are grants and resources that are available and put in place to help musicians. Factor is a great resource for one. There are often grants available in each province, so be sure to check those out online. You can opt to work and tour in unison or if you prefer, you can work like crazy before hand and save, save, save. Saving allows you to focus on writing, networking and practicing with your band. It really comes down to what’s best for you and your career! Do your thang, girl, boy… do your thang!

The WiMN: How do you go about booking shows in a new part of the world you haven’t yet gotten familiar with? 

Shylo Sharity: I find that research can be your best friend. Ask your friends/fellow musicians who have tread this path before you for recommendations. You’ll be surprised how well networking can help you find your way. Be sure to pay if forward when called upon as well. Share the love. ❤
The WiMN:  What’s one opportunity that happened to you specifically from leaving the comfort of your hometown and putting yourself out there in a new city? 

Shylo Sharity: I had the privilege of attending the Music Incubator program in Toronto this past summer. I moved from Vancouver to Toronto for two months which allowed me to fully focus on the business side of the music industry. Let’s just say I learned a whole heck of a lot. I met a ton of like minded folks and was able to fully invest in the opportunities there. It was a GREAT experience and I would highly recommend it to anybody/everybody.

The WiMN: Do you think you’d be a different type of artist today if it weren’t for your experiences around the globe? 

Shylo Sharity: I would FOR sure be a different type of an artist today if I did not partake in different experiences around the globe. I have been exposed to other styles, met extremely focused driven people, been inspired beyond belief and at the same time been tempted to through in the towel right then and there, (New Orleans jazz musicians.) There has been a conglomerate of feelings, passion and above all, at least for me, the will to carry on.

The WiMN: What’s coming up for Shylo Sharity? Any future plans for more globe trotting? 

Shylo Sharity: Heck Yes! My first priority as of right now is getting into the studio and recording! And shortly thereafter, I’ll be off on a cross Canada radio tour. Please be sure to request my song at your local country music radio station, as this will for sure bless this country girls sox off. After releasing my first single I will be touring, then off to Nashville and Toronto and wherever the wind will lead me. Be sure to check out my socials to find out where I’ll be playing near you. Would love to see ya’ll.


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