Fih dropped “Aye, Yai Yai” at the end of 2022, with more on the way

The 8-track album titled, La Brea Baby is set for release on March 3, 2023 everywhere you stream music.

Based in Los Angeles, California the self-proclaimed Alt-hop/R&B/Hip Hop artist premiered her latest single, “Aye Yai Yai” via Wonderland. It follows “Stereo” and “Tanqueray”, singles from her soon-to-be released, La Brea Baby. The forthcoming album was executively produced by Grammy award-winning, Chailatay and Nate Fox, who also was a producer for Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap” and “Coloring Book.”

Stream “Aye Yai Yai” on Spotify here.

From beginning to end, this entire album is a VIBE; with a diverse range of sounds from slowed down R&B to house music and back to hip hop. This project was created entirely by scratch which required Fih and Chailatay to bring in many live musicians. Some consistent names seen throughout the project are Stephan Hicks, Nigel Fergozo, and Brooke Magidson. When it came to the songwriting, Fih had to dig deep into certain feelings and experiences in order to make sure each song had the same vulnerability. 

Fih grew up in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, before moving to New York to attend college, and the start of her music career. Her bi-coastal influences come through on this album. She is heavily involved in her community as well, with annual performances at the Juneteenth Festival in Liemer Park & “Pray For The Hood”.  Follow Fih on Instagram and learn more about Fih here.

Fih. Photo credit: Vannessa Horsey