Mamie Minch and Chloe Swantner of Brooklyn Lutherie

Brooklyn Lutherie, an instrument repair and restoration shop owned and operated by two women, opened its doors to the public this week in Brooklyn, N.Y.

A place where musicians of all skill levels, particularly women, can feel comfortable and confident bringing their instruments, Brooklyn Lutherie represents a new approach in stringed instrument repair and restoration: it is an accommodating, one-stop shop, focused on repair and restoration, where customers feel fully informed, not kept in the dark about any aspect of their repairs.

Brooklyn Lutherie is founded by Mamie Minch and Chloe Swantner. Expert technicians and working musicians, Mamie and Chloe founded Brooklyn Lutherie after serving, respectively, as head of repair and master technician at Retrofret, the well-known, Brooklyn-based music store specializing in sales, repair and restoration of vintage stringed instruments.

“We created Brooklyn Lutherie to meet our vision of an inclusive, one-stop shop for all your repairs and restorations for both fretted and violin-family instruments,” said co-founder Mamie Minch.  “We are strong with vintage pieces. We are fast and good, and for us, client relationships are paramount.  As active members of the local Brooklyn community, we aim to be the ‘Musician’s Fixers’; people whom you know and trust, and who get the work done the way you want it.”

In addition, Brooklyn Lutherie is the only woman-owned and staffed stringed-instrument repair and restoration shop in New York City.

Brooklyn Lutherie  is located at 232 3rd Street, suite #E003, Brooklyn, New York 11215, and consultations are by appointment only. For more information, visit https://brooklynlutherie.com.