Elliot Lee launches into 2020 with “Pink (Freak)”, a perfect snapshot of an artist who looks to mix the bright colors of the world with the darkness in each of us, both visually and emotionally, embracing the power that comes from our personal struggles.

Produced by Lucky Dog, “Pink (Freak)” is a tidal wave of cathartic, distorted pop, with a melodic opening that quickly switches into high gear with bombastic hard rock drums and guitar, and Elliot’s vocals which volley between unrestrained screams, haunted whispers, rapid-fire rapping, and angelic singing. It is a full sonic representation of the song’s message of frustration with and rebelling against visual judgement and trying to survive in a world quick to define someone’s existence.

It’s a visceral pastel-colored visual therapy session, with shots of a meticulous and flamboyantly dressed Elliot rebelling against gawking strangers on the street, raging in her bedroom, and playing the track’s spine-shaking bassline on a Fender Jaguar bass.

Elliot says that the video serves to show the multiple dimensions we all have inside us: “The video has two very different visual portrayals of how I feel, one very dark and hopeless and the other bright and energetic, but these juxtapositions are portrayed as being both part of me simultaneously. It’s meant to show that I can be three-dimensional as both a person and an artist, and how you interpret me depends on whether or not you judge how I’m feeling based on how much pink I’m wearing.”

With inspirations that span Sailor Moon, Mr. Rogers, Twenty One Pilots, the films of Hayao Miyazaki, and Y2K, Elliot is both sonically and visually hard to pin down, which is sure to make her one of the most exciting and surprising breakout acts of the year.

More information on Elliot Lee can be found at her official website.