By Myki Angeline

Photo credit: Rob Shanahan

Sisters Sarah and Stephanie Snyder of Deer Park Avenue have had a banner year so far with the release of their self-titled album in June produced with Matt Bissonette, and receiving rave reviews for the video release of “California (Close My Eyes)” in September.  I have followed these genuine, hard-working ladies for the last 5 years and am always excited to learn what they have coming up. I caught up with DPA to see what is new on the horizon for the talented duo.

See my interview with them at NAMM 2015 here.

Sarah who plays guitar and Stephanie who plays drums grew up playing music together in several bands throughout their high school years in church and at festivals. They have lived all over the world performing across America and Europe, but consider the United States their home country. In fact, it is Long Island where the name Deer Park Avenue comes from. Says Sarah, “We’ve lived in many places all over the U.S. and Europe, but the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere was Long Island and it still feels like home. When we were choosing a name for our band, we wanted something that had a lot of meaning for us, and those years were so amazing and so meaningful – our friends lived off Deer Park Avenue, our favourite pizzeria was there, our church, dance school, bakery…everything. It was the center of our lives there.”

That was five years ago. The sister duo have accomplished so much since forming DPA with a plethora of live performances all across the world, an album and two EPs, and a string of endorsements from companies like Audix Microphones, Blackstar Amplification, TRX Cymbals, OnBoard Research, Kickport, Reference Cables, Sonas Denim, Epiphone Guitars, Dixon Drums (Stephanie is the first female endorsement), and their latest announcement: Sarah’s official endorsement with Alvarez Acoustic Guitars, to which they are very excited to work on future projects with.  They are also both members of the Recording Academy as well.

DPA describe their music as power-pop with a retro punk edge. Their live performances are engaging, energetic, and face-paced. Sarah and Stephanie contribute equally to lyric and music writing stating their sisterhood connection attributes to the process; an almost telepathic sense of direction with their songs. You will find no drama in their relationship – they are best friends which makes touring and studio time much easier to endure. Anytime I see them, I am always greeted with the biggest smile and heartfelt hugs. They radiate with positive attitude, something that transcends in their performances and ability to lead with great example for women everywhere. Music education is huge for Sarah and Stephanie especially with young women who are starting out in the music industry.  They believe it is important to show that women do not have to sell sex to sell records and that staying true to yourself is the best course. Stephanie adds, “I love inspiring other girls to play drums, showing them they don’t have to ‘play like a dude’. Drums are not a man’s instrument – everyone has their own style, and in music you have the freedom to do and be and create whatever you want.”

Their next show will take place in Basel, Switzerland at the Help For Refugees benefit show on November 24th.  To learn more about this dynamic duo visit their website HERE.

Below is their video for the single, “California (Close My Eyes)”