Artwork by Jason Akira Somma

Alison Clancy is an artist easy to love, and hard to define. She can be found dancing with The Metropolitan Opera one day, composing for Swedish theater that next, or playing DIY shows in Brooklyn with her band. A mountain girl originally from Nevada City, California, Clancy’s carved out an original and striking sound in the New York scene and brings herself to music making with intimate volatility.

In her debut album, PSYCHO TYKO, Clancy leads us into a distinct world all her own: a tripped out, lucid dream, alt-pop adventure. It’s grunge, it’s psychedelic disco, it’s a sonic fantasy where reality bends to the will of its sweet voiced master. Ambitious and diverse, it is intricately textured with heavy synths, distorted beats, post punk guitars and tender vocals. PSYCHO TYKO evokes visions of a beautiful girl on an acid trip. It’s after hours sex in a neon haze of transcendental curiosity, designed to be listened to from beginning to end as a whole.

To listen to and purchase PSYCHO TYKO visit her website here.

Below is the video, “Loving You” by Alison Clancy (vocals, piano, dancer). Directed by Nicholas Darcy Atkins.