On July 21st BXB LOVE — the nom de plume of Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and artist Natasha Pheko — shared the official music video for her second single, “IGNORANCE SONG,” premiering on FLAUNT.

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“IGNORANCE SONG” is a bold, gritty alt-rock number that celebrates the shedding of one’s prescribed labels in a world that encourages us to define ourselves before fully understand who we are or all that we can be. Landing somewhere between telling a story and visually expressing a vibe, the “IGNORANCE SONG” music video represents LOVE’s experience of bursting out of the constructs she had created for herself. Finding herself wandering the streets of LA, wanted by the constructs she had escaped, LOVE throws a big F*CK YOU to the powers that be as she refuses to succumb to the fear that would encourage her to hide, blend in, or run. Instead, we see LOVE displaying an uninhibited expression of play, rebellion, and freedom.

“One thing that I’ve loved about creating and sharing this project thus far is that it’s allowed me to tap into dreams, ideas, and modes of creative play that I hadn’t really connected with since I was a kid. Making this music video was literally an opportunity for me to live out part of my childhood rockstar fantasies” LOVE says. “Smashing shit, shouting into the camera, riding in the back of a sick car with beautiful people, jumping around in the sunset, guitar solos, clothes that made me feel like a bad ass… I mean…. come on! It was a blast!”

Through genre-bending musical production, reflective lyricism, and multidisciplinary creative works, BXB LOVE captures the charm, discomfort, and introspection of being 20-something in the year 20-something. She steps outside the proverbial box, allowing her artistic expression to honestly reflect the world around her. By choosing a purposefully ambiguous and androgynous pseudonym, LOVE is able to explore the fluidity that is the human experience and liberate herself from the unspoken expectations placed on women of color in the music industry. Ready to breakdown personal, projected and perceived barriers, LOVE invites listeners to do the same. Follow BXB LOVE on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.