2017 proved to be the year of the women. From the worldwide Women’s March on January 21, to the Time’s Person of the Year being ‘The Silence Breakers’, the #MeToo movement, and every post and picture in between. Activism and female empowerment has been in the spotlight and although we still have more work to do, it is an amazing start to a much needed change. 

2017 showed that together we are indeed stronger, and when each of us stand up we can create a significant impact. 

Although this list could be much longer, here are 3 fantastic women (in the music industry) who are using their voices to inspire change. 

1.) Kesha 

After spending five long years in musical silence, caught up in a legal battle with ex-producer Dr. Luke, who had allegedly emotionally and sexually abused the singer, Kesha released Rainbow. The album consisted of 12 songs, which included the empowering tracks “Praying” and “Women.”  

As GulfNews.com puts it: “Rainbow is more than just a comeback album — it’s Kesha’s triumphant, emotional call to arms, her thunderous signal to any and all aggressors that she will not, and cannot, be silenced.”

Kesha was also seen attending the 2017 Women’s March in Los Angeles.

2.) Halsey

In recent news, Halsey made it publically known on Twitter that she was not happy with Firefly Festival’s 2018 lineup, released on Jan. 11th.

Of the artists on Firefly’s 2018 bill, none of the four headliners are women only 19 of 95 artists are female. Many artists like Halsey are using their social media reach to encourage equality in the entertainment industry/. 

3.) Beyonce 

Queen Bey definitely earned her crown. Beyonce has without a doubt become a symbol for female empowerment over the years, and her music video for “Freedom” (released on the International Day of the Girl) is another reason why she earned that title.

The video cycles through a series of shocking statistics regarding child marriage, human trafficking, and other terrifying challenges young women face every day around the world.

The Global Goals, who partnered with Beyonce on the video, shared that “we need action now if we are to achieve the Global Goals and equality for all girls.”

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BMgV8jj9IU