Volunteer-based Nonprofit Women in Music (WIM) and The International Music Managers Forum (IMMF) have announced a partnership in order to recognize the significance that women have in not only in music but all creative industries. Together they will promote diversity and equality to make sure that opportunities are available for every member of music.

Chair of The IMMF Volker May stated that, “We saw overlapping interests and came together to acknowledge the importance of sharing initiatives, opportunities, information and resources that would lead to an improved music industry with improved diversity, inclusion, equality, and transparency.”

Jessica Sobhraj of President WIM added, “We’re thrilled to officially formalize our partnership with the IMMF. Their support during the launch of WIM India in 2018 was key for our organization’s growth in this region and we look forward to opening up chapters in additional countries in the new year and beyond.”

An announcement will be made at the Women in Music Holiday Gala Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Music Managers Forum on December 20, 2018 at New York City’s Le Poisson Rogue. For more information, check out WIM‘s and IMMF‘s official websites.