By Myki Angeline

Los Angeles Pop Artist Drea has two great things to announce that will kick off her 2018 in an impactful way for women.

Her first announcement is the launch of her new project, Reclaim Movement which empowers women to reclaim their bodies through movement and music. Drea, who has been an accomplished dancer her entire life, created a safe space to help women who suffer from sexual assault, abuse, or a stressful lifestyle through choreographed dance moves. Her first class will be held in North Hollywood, California on Jan 31st and is open to the public. You can RSVP the event here: Reclaim Movement First Class!

Secondly, she is excited to announce the release of her first single in over a year. On February 2, “Hometown” hits the interweb and will be a different sound than her last album No Vacancy, “It is a more alternative pop sound, than the pop dance I put out with the last album.  This new project is much more raw, much more real this time around.”

Visit her website for more information at