In the music industry, it is often said that artists who have made a universal impact have a very unique identity. With that behind said, this mentality can be confusing to up and coming musicians as they are often pressured to fit into a specific “box” in the industry. Whether that’s writing for radio, following a specific trend, or feeling pressured to maintain a certain image to become noticed. 

This week’s Monday Motto is: You were born to be real, not to be perfect! 

We encourage you to strip away any expectations this week and simply create music that you love, whether it’s a top 40 hit or a new sound that is all your own. What is the definition of perfect anyway? We were all born to be our unique selves!

For inspiration, here are 3 successful women in the music industry who preach about being themselves. 

1.) Demi Lovato 


2.) Mary Lou Williams 


3.) Pat Benatar