Out of the Margins and into the Spotlight

Artist and impresario Militia Vox creates a space for female rock and metal artists of color.  Black Grrrl Magick serves as a unifier, to give a platform of support for these artists that are often marginalized because of their race, sex or sexuality.

This event takes place at the The Safari Room at El Cortez, 17 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, New York and will showcase buzz bands: Quantum Split, The CooLots from DC, Militia Vox and DJ Sugafree aka Honeychild Coleman.  Doors open at 7pm EST. Cost is $10.

Purchase tickets here:

MILITIA VOX is an award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, visual artist, director and producer from NYC.

Militia Vox draws from a sonic palette of psychedelic rock, prog, metal with goth/industrial undertones. Militia has performed internationally at venues ranging from headlining Bike Week motorcycle events to the prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Music. She has performed with famous artists such as Cyndi Lauper, Nancy Sinatra, Twisted Sister, Living Colour, Candlebox, L7 and many more.

Militia has appeared on Fuse, MTV2, Vh1 and Global TV, starred in plays, musicals and movies such as ‘They Say I’m Different’- the story of legendary funk rock singer Betty Davis, and she is featured in several books about music- including ‘What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal.’ She has licensed her music for several horror movies, trailers and commercials. She hosts many live music events and festivals, spoken at colleges and conferences including Berklee College of Music, SXSW, and has written articles for and Militia produces events in NYC with her company, Militious Productions. She is front woman of all-female heavy metal sensation, Judas Priestess, and currently models for Manic Panic alternative hair color and cosmetics.

QUANTUM SPLIT are a young New York American trap, rock & soul band.
Lead Singer, Soleil Laurent, is a Berklee College of Music Student and Richard Chen, drummer, is a Berklee College of Music graduate. Adrian Read plays lead guitar and Ivan Hardy is on bass.  Their story is that they have chosen to tour and perform their music without having any music released on the internet besides snippets of a video called “America.”  Their single, “America” just got licensed on the following networks: The Discovery/TLC Network, MTV Network, and NASCAR Productions.

Another big thing is they were sponsored and invited by the US Embassy In Kigali to headline at the annual KigaliUp Festival 2017 in Rwanda, Africa; headlining both nights. They have also performed at the KigaliUp Festival for three consecutive years. Visit the link below to see what music bloggers across the country are saying about Quantum Split:

THE COOLOTS are intersectionality personified. The Washington, D.C.-based band embodies a sound that the RAW community describes as a “melting pot of different styles and talents [that] come together to create feelings never experienced before.”

The talented individuals that form this eclectic band each carry a style all their own; however, they come together to form a synergetic group that appeals to the eccentric in us all. The CooLots effortlessly move across a spectrum of genres including rock, alternative, indie, soul, and rhythm and blues, just to name a few. Their unbridled musicality is something akin to the sounds of No Doubt, M.I.A. Paramore, Sade, Staind, System of a Down, Jimi Hendrix, and N.E.R.D.

Their head-bopping, hip-rocking, alternative style has given us high-energy and infectious anthems, such as America, N.U.N. and Doors. In addition to playing at prominent D.C. venues including the Howard Theatre and the Rock and Roll Hotel, The CooLots have brought their sound to the Brooklyn Museum, Rhinestone Steel in Pittsburgh, P.A. and various venues in the Northeast, earning them a national fanbase in the process.

The CooLots are not here to fit in. They refuse to be bound by industry standards and societal expectations; rather, they use their platform to inspire personal evolution and growth. They are here to indulge the hip grinders, the lyrically inclined, the head bangers, and the soul sisters.After listening to The CooLots, you will imagine yourself unlimited.