By Gabriella Steffenberg

lita-ford-indeed-commercialGuitar legend Lita Ford is the star of the newest Indeed commercial. The 30 second spot titled, “Celebrate: Music Teacher” is the job search site’s most recent commercial, with their prior advertisement featuring Loverboy’s Mike Reno along with the group’s hit, “Working for the Weekend.”

In the commercial, Ford plays a music teacher who at the end of a long day, celebrates with a rad solo on a beautiful Fender Stratocaster. According to Ad Week, Ford’s shredding was performed live and with no post-production.

Keep on the lookout for Ford’s newest album, Time Capsule, due this April, and watch the commercial for yourself below:


  1. There is no right or wrong on this decision. It dedneps on how do you want to sound Solid body or Semi-hollow, flat wounds or round wounds they are all a matter of taste. Do you want to sound like Slash or like Jimmy Hendrix? Like Wes Montgomery or like BB King?


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