Canadian electropop artist LIGHTS stopped by Samsung 837, an interactive technology store that features a stage with a three story screen in New York’s Meatpacking District, to play a few songs. This comes after release of her fourth full-length record, Skin & Earth, which is a concept album with a comic series that she drew herself.

Lights began the set with the energetic single off of Skin & Earth, “Skydiving,” with a booming chorus that the audience sang along to. After she played a number of songs off her third album, Little Machines, including the bonus track “From All Sides,” “Muscle Memory,” “Same Sea,” and fan favorite “Running with the Boys.”

Slowing down the set, Lights played a slow-burner “Moonshine” before jumping into the upbeat, “Savage,” joking about how it is easier to write songs through her comic book character so no one knows who they’re actually about. She then finished with “Giants” the anthem from Skin & Earth and “Up We Go.”

In a recent interview with NowThis EntertainmentLights explained how she took her passion for music and art and created Skin & Earth to encourage young girls to get into the music and comic industry. Lights is not only extremely talented, but an inspiration to all. Getting the chance to see her up close was a surreal experience.

Tickets for Lights’s 2018 headlining tour are on sale now. If you want to learn more about her music and art, check out her website.