Acclaimed electronic producer Kedr Livanskiy will be performing at H0l0 in Queens, New York on July 28 alongside fellow Russian artists Mary Yuzovskaya and Olga. The Russian music scene has been very influential to New York’s, so this show is not one to be missed!

Kedr released her debut full-length album last year on 2MR. She recently put out the music video for her song, “Bilo Vremya (There Was A Time)” which premiered on Noisy, stating that the track “…sounds like something you’d hear at a rave under a railway arch in 2010 south London, where drinks are poured warm into paper cups and it’s too sweaty to see. Also, the song bangs hard.” Mary Yuzovskaya was labeled as “one of the secret weapons in New York’s afterhours techno scene” on Resident Advisor. Olga is the newest to the music scene out of the three, but that does not stop her playing high energy beats at all times throughout day.

More information and tickets for the show can be found here.