The digital age we find ourselves in has done wonders for the spread of information, allowing ease of access to all kinds of knowledge accrued around the world and throughout time. Unfortunately, not everything about this Internet era is sunshine and rainbows: it is having a devastating impact on the self-esteem of its users, young girls and women especially.

Social media has changed the way people view themselves, encouraging consumers to strive for a physical perfection that doesn’t actually exist in real life. An individual’s body image becomes skewed and distorted due of their own perceptions of what beauty is, caused by the images and lifestyles they are constantly exposed to online. When these high standards consistently go unmet, the result is low self-esteem and self-worth.

Fortunately, the cycle can be broken! Finding the courage to love your body is a difficult endeavor, but can be overcome by practicing body positivity. The process may not be easy and the struggle may seem overwhelming at times, but the payout — being able to love yourself — is worth the effort. By mentally and physically committing to changing your self-perception, you’ll be creating the building blocks of a happier, healthier you: someone who’s bursting with self-love! Body positivity starts with YOU.

The staff at EDCare have created an infographic with helpful tips and facts – click here to learn more!