Nearly 3 dozen of today’s top drummers have been announced as the Champions, Winners and Award Recipients of the 2017 Hit Like A Girl global contest for female drummers. The players from the US, Puerto Rico, the Netherland, Japan, Italy, Indonesia, India, England, France, Germany and Cypress— and as young as 9 years old— were just a handful of the hundreds of girls and women from around the world who participated in the sixth annual competition.

Judged by leading educators, professional players and industry executives— and sponsored by the biggest names in drum manufacturing, media and retail— the winning videos along with all the entries and prizes from the recently concluded contest can be seen at:

Here is the official list of the 2017 Hit Like A Girl Contest Winners:

Drumset – Professional Judging <18

Champion: Faith Benson (US)

1st Runner-Up: Mira Burgers (Netherlands)

2nd Runner-Up: Yuki Ogawa (Japan)

 Drumset – Popular Voting

<18 Annapurna Tobler (US)

18+ Paola Liceaga (Puerto Rico)

 Concert Percussion

<18 Kalyse Conger (US)

18+ Claire Litzler (France)

 Special Awards

Joe Hibbs: Sarra Cardile (US)

Sweetwater: Tangela Facen (US)

PASIC: Elisa Montin (Italy)

WGI: Anastasiya Kostromina (US)

SOR: Milana Nigro (US)

UK <18: Georgia Atkinson (UK)

UK 18+: Toni McVey (UK)

FRANCE: Laurene Lenert (France)

TDWR: Radhika George (India)

Drumset – Professional Judging 18+

Champion: Elisa Montin (Italy)

1st Runner-Up: Tangela Facen (US)

2nd Runner-Up: Lacretia Bolden (US)

World Percussion

<18 Kalonica Nicx (Indonesia)

18+ Radhika George (India)

Marching Percussion

<18 Gina Eterovich (US)

18+ Anastasiya Kostromina (US)

Weekly Winners <18

Week 1: Abbie Schnieder (US)

Week 2: Jacky Sponheimer (Germany)

Week 3: Meghan Lock (US)

Week 4: Faith Benson (US)

Week 5: Yuki Ogawa (Japan)

Week 6: Arawinda Rizky (Indonesia)

Weekly Winners 18+

Week 1: Elisa Montin (Italy)

Week 2: Cecilia Sanchietti (Italy)

Week 3: Anna Koniotou (Cypress)

Week 4: Toni McVey (UK)

Week 5: Nicole Pompei (US)

Week 6: Diana Nowak-Riffel (US)