Photo from Music Industry News
Photo from Music Industry News

Exciting news in the realm of percussion! Veteran drummer and percussionist Gemma Hill was appointed editor-in-chief of UK-based Drummer magazine, taking over former editor Nick Carter who is focusing on his career as a musician and educator.

About her new position, Hill told Music Industry News: “I’m really excited about taking on the role of editor at Drummer and joining the team at Blaze Publishing,” she said. “The drum industry is such a special place to be a part of, and I am extremely grateful for all the support I am being offered.”

Hill has been playing drums and percussion for over 20 years and graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a first-class honors degree in contemporary popular music. She has worked her way up to become a high-profile session drummer, playing on television for the X-Factor and having played with Cee Lo Green.

 Watch Hill’s skills in action below:


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