Melbourne singer-songwriter Georgia Flipo, or more commonly known as G Flip, has transformed her pop anthem “About You” into a unique stripped-down rendition. This version features her voice soaring over light-hearted piano melodies.

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Flipo debuted “Only You” earlier this year which quickly gained attention and was played on radio stations worldwide. The track has been praised by numerous media outlets including, Pitchfork giving it the title as “Best New Track” with “Flipo’s smooth, multi-tracked vocals can make her sound like all three Haim sisters at once, but the way she builds a rock-solid pop song out of a simple, juicy synth riff aligns her more closely to Grimes. If it took a few albums for Grimes to go right for the throat in her hooks, though, G Flip is already there.”

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It was not easy for Flipo to get to this point, however. She grew up being known as the “drummer girl,” and spent the majority of her time with her drumming teacher, who was young and queer just like her. After the sudden death of her teacher at age 30, Flipo began working toward her dreams of becoming “the drummer girl who sings” and writing her own music. She set up her own studio, worked during the day teaching drums to kids to support herself, and spent the rest of the time teaching herself how to produce her own music. All of the hard work Flipo has done is paying off and it clearly shows.