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Front and Center: Multi-Instrumentalist Sisters Angela and Hannah Notsch

Sisters Angela and Hannah Notsch (left to right)
Sisters Angela and Hannah Notsch (left to right)

Young multi-instrumentalist sister act Angela and Hannah Notsch from San Diego, Calif., have been taking the Southern California scene by storm since they were 11 and 8 years old respectively.

They started humbly by performing at their local farmer’s market and swap meet, which the girls say helped them get over their stage fright. Then they received a very attractive offer: the opportunity to play in front of hundreds of people at the famed San Diego County Fair in 2013. It was then when the duo realized they wanted to be performers for life.

Now at 15 and 12, Angela and Hannah Notsch are as talented and ambitious as they come, and are in the works of releasing their debut EP. You can learn more about them and keep up with their latest YouTube videos here.

WiMN: How old are you (Angela) and your sister (Hannah)?

A & HN: Angela is 15 years old and Hannah is 12. Angela is in 9th grade (going into 10th), and Hannah is in 6th (going into 7th).

WiMN: What instruments do you each play?

A & HN:  Angela plays the guitar, piano, and ukulele. Hannah plays the piano, and ukulele.

WiMN: How long have you been playing music and where did you learn?

A & HN: We’ve both been playing music for almost five years with our main instruments (Angela on guitar, and Hannah on piano), but it wasn’t until four years ago that we found a new-found love for singing as well. We started performing as a singing duo about three years ago. We first started out in a music studio in National City, Calif., called Hollywood Music 2, where Angela took guitar, Hannah took piano, and we both took vocals. The teachers were amazing there, and taught us a lot of what we know today.

WiMN: When did you discover you had musical abilities and how?

A & HN: We always loved music growing up. When we were younger, you’d often find us singing Hannah Montana songs on our way to our grandmother’s house. We also used to sing along to our mom’s Tagalog karaoke tracks, as well as playing around with our dad’s musical instruments. When we got older and began taking lessons, we started singing at our local swap meet and farmer’s market. Our parents had a food concession stand at those locations, so we’d usually set up there. It was convenient, and helped us open up during performances and get over stage fright.

WiMN: Tell us about your first big gig ever. What was it like?

A & HN: Our very first big gig would have to be singing at the San Diego County Fair last year. Singing at the fair opened us up to so many new opportunities, and further inspired us. Music was something we enjoyed, and used to express ourselves. That was the day we realized it was something we truly wanted to do.

WiMN: Do you consider yourselves role models for young girls hoping to be musicians?

A & HN: Yes, we hope to inspire other young girls out there. Music is an art, passion, and lifestyle. We hope that we’ll spark an interest in music for other young kids.

WiMN: Who are your biggest female inspirations?

A & HN:  Our biggest female inspiration growing up would have to be Taylor Swift. Her songs told a story, and ended up inspiring us to start writing our own music.

WiMN: What do you both want to be when you grow up?

A & HN:  If music doesn’t work out in the end, Angela would love to be a choral/music teacher or a marine biologist. Hannah would love to be a dance choreographer or an illustrator.

WiMN: What are some of the things you’ve done for the local community?

A & HN:  We sang for the kids at our local Rady’s Children Hospital. It was great talking to the kids and their families, and seeing how excited all the little ones were, since it was their own special Christmas party.

WiMN: Anything else you’d like to add?

A & HN: We will be playing at the San Diego County Fair on July 2, and the Orange County Fair on July 19. We’ve also been writing a few our our own originals, and are planning an EP.

See their newest YouTube video cover below: