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Front and Center: Korg USA Marketing Coordinator, Jennifer Reinhardt

By Leslie Buttonow

Jennifer Reinhardt is a woman with her hands full!

As a core member of the busy marketing department at Korg USA, she manages several key areas and ensures that all runs smoothly. And she does it all with finesse and the confidence of knowing who she is, what she’s capable of, and where she wants to be.

Reinhardt recently sat with us to share some insights from her ongoing personal and professional journey, and to fill us in on where her path has led her thus far.

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The WiMN: You’ve had a hand in many areas of marketing during your time at Korg USA. Tell us about some of your current responsibilities there.

JR: I am pretty fortunate to have had a few different roles here in the past four years. I currently manage the social media accounts of most of our brands, which entails putting together social media strategies (campaigns, contests, etc) and executing them. I find and post content and engage with our audience to acknowledge and answer their questions.

Another main role is creating new ways to get our name out there and working with the department to make it happen. I work with our product development team to plan out product launches, brand announcements and overall marketing campaigns. I outline what the department will do 30 days out, six months out, and so on, to keep the buzz going.

I also plan events with our Public Relations and Artist Relations team, play an integral role with our NAMM show planning, and book all our advertising.

The WiMN: Please share some background about what led you to pursue the world of marketing?

JR: I graduated from Marist College in 2010 with a degree in Communications, but it was during the worst economy our country had seen in years. I had a few internships under my belt, but none of it was enough to find a job in the field I wanted. I wound up working for a bank in a position I knew wasn’t for me. So, after a few years, I quit my job and backpacked through Europe for two months, which gave me real insight into what I wanted to do and more importantly, who I wanted to be. A few months after being home, I landed my job at Korg USA and I couldn’t have been happier.

The WiMN: Were you a musician or music lover prior to coming to the MI industry?

JR: Yes, I am a musician, so landing this job was a dream come true. I sing and play piano, so what better place to work? I’ll play piano or try out some gear during my breaks and it’s still the coolest thing to me. I can’t say that for most work places!

The WiMN: How has it been thus far as a woman in this traditionally male-dominated industry?

JR: As a woman in any field, you have to work twice as hard and be one step ahead. Thankfully, I haven’t witnessed anything personally and have found myself surrounded by wonderful people, both male and female, who are supportive and a pleasure to work with. Our marketing director in Japan is female, the director in the United Kingdom is female, and up until recently, our director here was female, so I think it’s really cool how women are empowered at Korg USA.

The WiMN: What advice would you give young women just starting out and trying to acclimate to our industry?

JR: This is corny, but it’s true: be unapologetic about who you are. Speak your mind, don’t be afraid to share your ideas, and be confident in everything that you do. Because, ‘You got this, girl!’