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Front and Center: Editor in Chief and Independent Producer at Visión, Rebecca Niebla

Photo by Mariana Ricalde

by Pauline France

Rebecca Niebla of San Diego, Calif., is a no-nonsense powerhouse determined to make a difference in the music industry.

But you’ll rarely find her in her hometown of San Diego. Niebla is usually traveling across the United States and Mexico building bridges and working hard to launch her Spanish-language music magazine, Visión, due this coming April 11.

Niebla has a natural, sunny and congenial personality that, combined with her strong work ethic, makes her a champion and well-loved figure within our industry. Just ask artists and respected music industry members like Los Afro Brothers, Azul Violeta, renowned publicist Roxana Drexel or entertainment producer Iván González.

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WiMNl: Tell us about your magazine Visión. What type of content can people expect?

Visión is a digital and print magazine based in San Diego, Calif., dedicated to the music industry. There you will find exclusive interviews with the most important artists and musicians in Latin America, as well as concert reviews in San Diego, not only about Latin music, but also about English-speaking artists.

WiMN: What were you doing prior to Visión?

RN: I was working as a Spanish affiliate reporter, translator and producer for Clear Channel Communications, as well as a freelance publicist for a live music portrait photographer based in New York City (César Calderón Photography), and a social media representative for up-and-coming music groups.

WiMN: What motivated you to start Visión?

RN: Visión was a project that has been in the making for several years. I was motivated to start Visión after many years of being involved in the music industry, which allowed me to build a foundation to be able to offer a space to honor and commemorate Latin music and those who dedicate their lives to it.

WiMN: When and how did your passion for music begin?

RN: My musical awakening started as a child. My brother Victor has been definitely my biggest influence in music. I remember growing up he would be listening to Green Day, Offspring, Pantera, Nirvana, Metallica. We would always go to concerts and showcases together, and Victor would always surprise me with a new song every time.

WiMN: Who are some of your personal favorite bands?

RN: I have many! Maná is one of them, a Spanish rock band from Guadalajara, México. Others include Carlos Santana, Led Zeppelin, The Police, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Creed, U2, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Tool, just to name a few.

WiMN: When is the first issue of Visión due? Where can people pick up a copy?

RN: Our first issue comes out April 11, 2016. You can find a copy of our magazine at select record label stores, TV and radio stations in Tijuana, Guadalajara, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Texas, and at any Hermes Music stores in the United States.

WiMN: Can you give us a little preview of the first issue?

RN: Our magazine will feature interviews with key artists of the Latin music industry, giving our readers an in-depth look at how they began in the music industry, and their journey to where they are today.

WiMN: Name three artists you’d love to feature on the cover of your magazine.

RN: I would love to have Carlos Santana, Shakira, Marc Anthony, or Ricky Martin.

WiMN: Where do you see Visión five years from now?

RN: Like of the most prestigious Spanish-speaking magazines in Latin America and the United States.

WiMN: What is a little-known fact about you?

RN: I have a passion for Buddhas. I love the fact that they are visual symbols and reminder of inner peace, calm and enlightenment.

WiMN: Anything else you’d like to add?

RN: I want to thank my husband for his continuous support in my career, my son Lucas for being my biggest inspiration in life, and to my whole family, friends and mentors who have helped me grow and be the person I am today. Thank you!