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Front and Center: 10-Year-Old Singer and Internet Sensation Olivia Kay

olivia kay

Meet Olivia Kay, the 10-year-old singer from Edmond, Okla., who’s been taking the Internet and media by storm.

Also known as “the little girl with a big voice,” Olivia rose to fame after uploading a cover of Adele’s heart-wrenching and wildly successful “Rolling in the Deep” on to, a website that features the work of aspiring musicians. Shortly thereafter, she was discovered by local media and has since then had an appearance and performance on none other than The View.

Olivia and her wonderful mom Heather Kay granted us an interview to talk about that ‘aha’ moment when she realized her daughter had an innate gift, what she did when she discovered her child had talent, among other things. Olivia talked to us about her life-changing experience on The View, what her favorite artists are, and more.

We are immensely proud to feature our youngest woman in music yet, 10-year-old Olivia Kay, which goes to show no matter how young you are, you too can achieve greatness, just like her.

For more on Olivia Kay, visit her official Facebook page here.

WiMN: Heather, how did Olivia first go viral on the Internet?

HK: When we first uploaded the video that was produced by Next Star Now on to YouTube. It received several thousand views, then local media picked it up and aired on the news. Then it went viral with now over 700,000 people from all over the world watching her and commenting..

WiMN: Did she grow up in a musical family?

HK: No, but we always have music playing and have always encouraged her to follow her passion of singing.

WiMN: When did you have that “AHA” moment where you realized, ‘wow, she can really make a career out of this’?

HK: That is hard to describe….I think there were several factors. Performing in front of crowds at several festivals and all over Nashville made me realize that it’s not just “me, Mom,” that thinks she has something special. She has had a huge response from all over the world just wanting more of her! It is truly amazing.

WiMN: What advice would you give parents who discover their children have amazing musical talent?

HK: First get a good voice coach and get their opinion. Then enter some local contests. If you win several or have a really great crowd reaction then I would seek out the website and upload a music video.

WiMN: What’s next for Olivia?

HK: Recording new original songs and performing for larger audiences around the country.


WiMN: Olivia, how old were you when you first realized you could sing?

OK: I was 4. I would sing with my friends, but when I was 7 my voice changed to where I was able to really sing high notes really loud.

WiMN: You’ve been getting tons of press, including appearances in local TV stations and even The View. What have been some of your favorite moments and why?

OK: One of my favorite moments was flying to New York and being on The View.  Singing on a stage for thousands of TV viewers was so fun and getting to really talk to Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters was amazing.

WiMN: You are currently a vocalist and pianist. Are there any other instruments you’d like to learn?

OK: I would like to learn how to play the guitar. So, far I’ve taught myself how to play the piano just a little bit, but would love to take lessons and learn more.

WiMN: How do you choose the songs you perform?

OK: The songs I choose have to inspire me…make me feel something.  I mainly like songs that are challenging and have a good message.

WiMN: Who are some of your female singer role models?

OK: Adele, Katy Perry and Sarah Barellis.

WiMN: What are some things you don’t know about the music industry you’d like to learn about?

OK: I really don’t think about that much because my mom and my manager take care of me when it comes to the music industry.

WiMN: Who would like you like to share the stage with one day?

OK: Katy Perry

WiMN: What advice would you give young girls like you who would like to have a career singing?

OK: Take voice lessons and don’t give up on your dream.