By Myki Angeline

Aina Brei’Yon is a self-taught music producer, song writer, creative director, and performer bred from the South Side of Chicago who is taking over the LA music scene.  She defines herself, not as a rapper or singer, but as a creator who raises vibrations through music, “I create from whatever I am feeling at the moment. No rules. No limitations. No image to protect. That’s the only true form of freedom.” says Brei’Yon.

Her newest single and video, “I Wish You Knew” was released on August 5, which coincides with the anniversary of her sister’s untimely death. It is visually powerful and lyrically empowering. The video begins with song, and ends with a personal message from Brei’Yon herself, where she is transparent about her sister’s passing and the tragic journey that lead to her death. Her message is of hope, encouraging women to find strength and self-acceptance in our own creation.


“Society promotes too much eye candy, and not enough soul food.”

With the recent deaths of Tyler Honeycutt, Anthony Bourdain, and Kate Spade the subject of mental health and suicide has been at the forefront of the media. There are a few studies on mental health as it pertains to African American women, and those numbers are alarming – and in light of Michelle Williams’s recent announcement the time to continue this conversation is now. Brei’Yon has chosen to be an impactful part of this conversation with “I Wish You Knew”.

Brei’Yon has performed all over the globe, selling out both domestic and international shows while opening for music greats like Crucial Conflict, Keith Murray, Soulja Boy and Talib Kweli. The single is off her new EP The Black Lion which releases today on all digital platforms.  To learn more about Aina Brei’Yon and purchase her music, visit her website